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Hey Gil,

Thought I would drop you a line to say hello and that we have resettled back to normality, well as normal as you can expect from us. Had a great trip and thanks to you; very memorable. Ilana and I often laugh about and told stories about our Jordan to Israel border crossing.

Be well and one day may we meet again and reminisce our trip.

One thing is for sure is that we will make it to the "Lovers Pool" in Ein Gedi.

Fondest regards,
Paul Lawrence
Sydney, Australia

Hi Gil,

Every Friday, Andi and I think of you and Randi and the wonderful Shabbat dinner we had at your house with all your friends. I hope this weekend is equally wonderful for you guys. We're still counting on your January visit.

Neal Esserman
Jacksonville, Florida

Hi All,

I hope you enjoy these pix as much as I enjoyed taking them. Much thanks is due to Gil Zohar, our most estimable Israeli guide, who gave so much of himself to provide us with so many amazingly wonderful experiences. Pat and I dedicate these pictures to you, thank you, 'todah rabah'.

The Google links are here and here.

Love to all,
Allan and Pat Ratihn
Phoenix, Arizona

Dear Gil,

Elise and I have thought often of the wonderful time we spent with you in Israel, the midnight trip to the Tomb of the Patriarchs, the wonderful Palestinian meal, the trip to Masada, and of course the Shabbat dinner. All wonderful memories. You have a special place in our hearts, and we look forward to meeting you again here or there.

Steve Reinheimer
Syracuse, New York


I meant to write this note awhile ago as it has been over a month since our return home from Israel. Beth and I had a most outstanding trip to our homeland, and owe special thanks to you for making that happen. The visits to the Old City, Masada, the Dead Sea, Ein Gedi, Jericho, The Wall, Zion Square, beer on the roof terrace of the French place, walking around the market and Meah Shearim, pale to the experience we had at the 2 Shabbat meals at your home.

The feeling of belonging still fills my heart and soul. I felt totally comfortable with you, Randi, and your friends. I have never been part of Shabbat gatherings like you had, and I look forward to more in the future.

Bruce Kirschner
Beth Kleiner
San Francisco, California


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn. You toured my husband and I when we were in Jerusalem in 2009--you were wonderful!

Debra Mayer
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Dear Gil,

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience we all had with you in the last few days.
Here's one of the photos from our trip...

Talk to you soon,
Alex Mostovoy
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Hi Gil,

I am writing you following the wonderful day our family spent with you in Jerusalem last month. As you know, this summer marked our family's third summer adventure in Israel. We have seen and done so much with the kids. We challenged you with the task of providing us with a day filled with new experiences, adventures and knowledge. You rose to the occasion and we were in awe of the information you were able to share with us and your ability to relay it in a meaningful way for the whole family.

The day we spent in touring Gush Etzion was definitely a highlight for all of us. It continues to have an impact on all of us in so many different ways. You tailored an itinerary that met the diverse needs of our family. Our 20-year-old twin boys were physically challenged as we climbed the Herodian castle and hiked to the fresh water springs at Ein Mabua. Our 12-year-old daughter was inspired by her visit to Kever Rachel. My husband and I were thrilled to visit Hevron for the first time in years. You brought Israel's past and present together in a very meaningful way. I think the depth of the experience owes itself not only to the sites we visited but also to the insight and conversation you provided. You have a wealth of knowledge and share it so well. Thank you so much for introducing us to the Pinat Chama l'Chayal. We were so touched by the work done there to honour our soldiers.

Thank you for an inspiring and thought-provoking day. It was a great day in many ways and we wanted to thank you again for your excellent services as a guide. We look forward to having your input and insight when we plan our boy's Bat Mitzvah tour in a few years time.

Cheryl-Alvin Einhorn
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Hi Gil,

Thanks for making our visit a memorable one. Going to Hebron was well worth it. Seeing the patriarchs' tomb was amazing, as was seeing the settlements on the west bank - I think I'm rethinking my opinions.
Seeing Jerusalem through your eyes was terrific. We enjoyed having our morning coffee in a Jerusalem caf´┐Ż.
We'll definitely visit again, so keep in touch.

Sharon Day-Feldman
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Dear Gil,

Thank you so much for the wonderful tour yesterday. We enjoyed the day so much. I look forward to more tours with you in the future.
We'll definitely visit again, so keep in touch.

Joan Carl

Dear Gil,

I enjoyed walking around downtown Tel Aviv with you.
You're enthusiasm as a tour guide is a gift.

Elyasaf Kowner
Tel Aviv

Hey Gil,

I'm sitting on the tarmac, waiting to go wheels up, reflecting on my remarkable, and transformational journey. I am very grateful that you were an integral part of this trip. My hope is that our paths cross in the not to distant future.
With warmest personal regards,

Tom Heller
Berkeley, California

Dear Gil,

The Sinai experience is with me day and night, as are the other places [in Israel].
You're one hell of a tour guide.

Eva Feld
Phoenix, Arizona