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Sassoon v�simcha - Originating in Baghdad, the Sassoon dynasty embodied globalization before the word was invented
Segula Magazine
February, 2014


Cochin's defunct Kadavumbhagum Synagogue symbolizes the decline of Jewry along India's Malabar Coast
Chicago Jewish Star
April 6, 2022


Apostle Phillip�s tomb unearthed in Turkey
August 5, 2021

Sharjah Sheikh sacks Jerusalem artistic director of Persian Gulf Biennial for offensive installation critiquing rape
The Jewish Independent, Vancouver
May 13, 2022


Quebec Court of Appeal rules against Palestinian villagers
The Jewish Tribune, Toronto
August 16, 2021

Graves of Sephardi soldiers of American Revolution decorated for Memorial Day
Chicago Jewish Star
May 28, 2022


Exhibit displays paintings retrieved from art dealer's collection despoiled by Nazis
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
September 18, 2021


Remembering Canadian heroes who helped found Israel
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
June 15, 2022


Winnipeg couple makes history by marrying during First Nations tour of Israel
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
August 23, 2021

Canada probing abuse claims of asylum seekers from Israel
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
January 2, 2022


Jerusalem artists seek inspiration in the kabbalah
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
June 24, 2022


Cold War continues between Messianic "Synagogue" and anti-cult group
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
October 27, 2021

Peterborough's joint shul/church caught in flood
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
July 22, 2022


One night in Bangkok
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
December 15, 2021

Canadian gay crusaders win the right for same sex marriage
Jerusalem Report
August 11, 2021

Daniel Libeskind's glass house invites stone throwers to the ROM
Corriere Canadese
July 20, 2022

Drabinksy involved in a production of biblical proportions
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
May 21, 2022

SARS becomes an 11th plague for Toronto Jews
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
May 8, 2022

"Hypnotic Robotic" turns garbage into treasures
Parkdale Liberty
April 2003

Canada's abortion crusader Dr. Henry Morgentaler launches yet more lawsuits
Jerusalem Report
January 27, 2022


Toronto single mom's adoption of a Chinese baby girl part of a growing trend
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
December 26, 2021

Shanghai Ghetto seeks to recreate its wartime Jewish enclave with Toronto partners
Jerusalem Report
December 4, 2021

Artist fills Muskoka farm with Screaming Heads environmental protest
Corriere Canadese
October 23, 2021

The Iceman Cometh - to the Bata Shoe Museum
Corriere Canadese
April 10, 2022


Tamara Podemski bridges the worlds of Canadian Jews and Aboriginals
Jewish Chronicle, London
December 14, 2021

Rare photo of Jewish Legion discovered at Halifax Citadel
Chicago JUF News
June 21, 2022

For fireman/artist Orest Tataryn, neon's a gas
Village Gleaner
March 30, 2022


Double Trouble: Twin dragons Mick and Martin McNamara make kick boxing a Canadian craze
Corriere Canadese

Michael Shapiro's contracts go up in frames around the world
Annex Gleaner
December 2000


Gay Judaica archive comes out of the closet
Jerusalem Report
August 8, 2021


Take it all off, take it all off: Political hanky panky threatens Toronto strip bars
The House of Lancaster Web Site
October 1998

Tokyo Rose: Winnipeg rabbi heads Japan's tiny Jewish community
Winnipeg Free Press
June 4, 2022


Muskoka beckons - but watch out for the black flies
Today's Senior / Forever Young
August 1997

Group of Seven home is a picture perfect town
Today's Senior / Forever Young
June 1997

"Hogg"ing history: the story of Toronto's most picturesque neighbourhood
Today's Senior / Forever Young
May 1997

In Forest Hill you can't see the forest because of the trees
Today's Senior / Forever Young
April 1997

Yorkville remains Toronto's most colourful scene
Today's Senior / Forever Young
April 1997

Rosedale - old money and new luxury
Today's Senior / Forever Young
February 1997


No red herring
Toronto Star
May 13, 2022

From Montreal to Auschwitz: Harry Cohen was the only Canadian to die in the Holocaust
Montreal Gazette
April 16, 2022

The importance of being Ernst: Inside Ernst Zundel's Carlton Street Bunker
Globe and Mail
February 24, 2022

Dressed for sex-cess: These women "love" their business
Toronto Star
February 12, 2022


Marranos return to Judaism after 500 years
Women's American ORT
March 24, 2022

Sex, shoes and showgirls
Globe and Mail
March 7, 2022


It's Christmas in the Mall. Think Indian elephants and Aztec pyramids!
Catholic New Times
December 6, 2021

Notes on the history of Christie Pits
Heritage Toronto Web Site

Notes on the history of Kensington Market
Heritage Toronto Web Site

Putting a cap on theft
Toronto Star
July 8, 2022

Shalom, Bonjour: A flourishing community of Chassidim await the Messiah in rural Quebec
Canadian Geographic
July 1994


At $55, this "lemon" may be a good value
Catholic New Times
October 1993

Frank Rasky obit stirs bitter memories
Frank Magazine
April 23, 2022

Notes on the history of the Pape Avenue Cemetery, the first Jewish burial ground in Toronto
Heritage Toronto Web Site
March 1993

Purge and propaganda: Jewish-nigger Jazz in Nazi Germany
Compass, A Jesuit Journal
March 1993

IDF deserters in Canada ponder their options


Lost and Profound: The Ark of the Covenant - a Pandora's Box of faith?
Compass, a Jesuit Journal
July, 1992


Notes on the early history of Mount Sinai Hospital
Heritage Toronto Web Site
October 28, 2021


Walls of Jericho did come tumbling down
Canadian Jewish News
April 5, 2022