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Anyone who appreciates travelling will love Israel. My tiny country offers an enormous amount of variety of every type - and summer nine months a year to enjoy it all. The Holy Land is a nexus of spirituality. And a political hotbed. I help you make sense of it all.

As a tour guide and journalist, I can take you to places off the proverbial beaten trail, to experience real life distant from tourist traps and luxury hotels. My tours include talking to settlers and Palestinians, and meeting scientists, artists and people behind the news.

As a contributor of some 100 pages off Fodor's Guide to Israel (7th editon, 2009), I'm familiar with Israel's best but not necessarilly most expensive restaurants, as well as B&Bs and inns.

What my many satisfied clients often tell me is how much they appreciate my passion. And my sense of adventure. Parents like how I make their children feel special. Believe me, when the kids are having fun, the parents are happy.

I invite you to my home in a historic stone building dating from 1889 in downtown Jerusalem, and promise you Israel will forever be an itch in your heart.

There's no charge for my preparing an itinerary. I work with major Israeli tourism operators including Diesenhaus Unitours Incoming Tourism Ltd. and www.amazingisrael.com.

Shalom from Jerusalem,



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7 Yo'el Moshe Salomon St

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