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Israel Tour

Looking to experience breathtaking scenery with a local viewpoint? If you are, then this tour is a great travel option for you. I will take care of all the logistics of the tour planning, all you have to do is open your mind to a new experience. Interested in booking? Get in touch to learn more now.

Day 1

Arrival Ben Gurion Airport

O/N Casa Nova, Nazareth

  • Transfer north. Afternoon for relaxation.

  • If time permits, visit Caesarea national park.

  • Check-in at Casa Nova, Nazareth

Day 2

O/N Casa Nova, Nazareth

  • Church of the Annunciation

  • Nazareth Village

  • Mount Precipice, 1-hour hike along the Gospel Trail

  • Zippori national park

  • shopping in Nazareth

Day 3

O/N Mount of Beatitudes Guesthouse, Sea of Galilee

Day 4

O/N Mount of Beatitudes Guesthouse, Sea of Galilee

  • Mount of Beatitudes

  • 1-hour hike along the Gospel Trail to Capernaum

  • Ancient Boat, Kibbutz Ginossar

  • Sea of Galilee boat ride from Ginossar to Tiberias

  • Falafel lunch in Tiberias

  • Beit Alfa Ancient Synagogue national park

  • Soak in the hot springs at Sachne national park

Day 5

O/N Mount of Beatitudes Guesthouse, Sea of Galilee

Day 6

O/N Christ Church Guest House

Day 7

O/N Christ Church Guest House

  • Mount of Olives lookout

  • Pater Noster Church

  • Mount of Olives Cemetery

  • Dominus Flevit Church

  • Gethsemane and Church of All Nations

  • Via Dolorosa

  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Day 8

O/N Christ Church Guest House

  • Masada, EinGedi and Dead Sea

  • Garden Tomb

  • Armon ha-Natziv lookout

  • City of David / Hezekiah’s Tunnel

  • Western Wall

  • Temple Mount / Haram ash-Sharif

  • Burnt House

  • Cardo

  • Western Wall Tunnels evening

Day 9

O/N Christ Church Guest House

  • YadVashem

  • Herzl Museum on Mount Herzl

  • Knesset Candelabra

  • Walk through MeahShearim ultra-Orthodox Quarter

Day 10

O/N Christ Church Guest House

  • Drive to Masada

  • EinGedi national park

  • EinGediAncient Synagogue national park

  • Ahava Dead Sea cosmetics factory

  • Mineral Beach Hot Spring and Spa

  • Explanation of Qumran and Dead Sea Scrolls

Day 11

O/N Christ Church Guest House

  • Israel Museum / Dead Sea Scrolls

  • Lunch Ka’abar restaurant, BeitJala

  • Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem

  • Shepherds Fields, BeitSahur

  • Dig for a Day, BeitGuvrin

Day 12

  • Temple Institute

  • Lunch on the Mount of Olives with Palestinian peace activist Hajj Ibrahim al-Hawa

  • Departure Ben Gurion Airport, arriving 3 hours before flight

Fall Market

Jordan Getaway

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes being exposed to other cultures and interacting with local people, then look no further than this exclusive tour. I am here to take care of all of the details, from planning the perfect itinerary, to showing your a unique and memorable vacation. Feel free to enjoy your time abroad, one destination at a time.

Day 1

Overnight Valentina Inn, Petra, Jordan

  • Cross border at the Jordan River Crossing

  • Visit Jerash (Decapolis ruins)

Day 2

Valentina Inn, Petra

  • Hike Petra and climb to ad-Deir

Day 3, ‎ Wadi Rum

  • Desert experience

Day 4, ‎ Wadi Rum

  • Desert experience

Day 5, ‎ Wadi Rum

  • Desert hike


Egypt Tour

When you visit a new destination do you enjoy touring around with a professional guide? Do you like hearing the local perspective on the wonders of our world? If so, then this tour a great choice for you. Gil Zohar is ready to serve your every need. From planning the detailed itinerary, to providing transportation arrangements, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your mind explore.

Day 1

overnight at Mena House Hotel

  • Fly Tel Aviv to Cairo (1 hour, 25 minutes, arriving 12:30 p.m.)

  • Check-in at Mena House Hotel, Giza

  • Lunch at hotel

  • Tour Pyramids and Sphinx

  • Wikala al-Ghuri whirling dervishes

Day 2

  • overnight at Mena House Hotel

  • Solar Boat in the glass museum at Giza

  • Coptic Cairo, including Ben Ezra Synagogue (Cairo Geniza)

  • Adly Street synagogue (cavernous, 100 years old

  • Tahrir Square

  • Egyptian Museum including King Tut’s mummy and Merneptah Stele (oldest reference to Israelites, 1250 BCE)

  • Belly dance nightclub downtown (can skip if otherwise inconvenient, although it’s at night so would probably work) or Sound and light show at Pyramids

Day 3

  • overnight at Old Winter Palace Hotel

  • Fly to Luxor (flight is at 10:45, and arrives around noon. Sunset is 5:30 p.m.)

  • Lunch at hotel

  • Luxor Temple


Day 4

  • overnight at Old Winter Palace Hotel

  • Luxor Museum (walking distance from Old Winter Palace. Will arrange tickets in advance.)

  • Rest, pool.


Day 5

  • overnight at Old Winter Palace Hotel

  • Luxor West Bank (monuments and acropolis of ancient Thebes)  

  • Valley of the Kings (Tuthmosis III; Amenhotep II; Horemheb)

  • Valley of the Queens (Amunherkhepshef)

  • Tombs of the Nobles (Nakht; Sennofer; Ramose)

  • Memorial Temples (Deir al-Bahri; Medinat Habu; Ramesseum; Seti)

  • Luxor – East Bank (Luxor seems gigantic, with more than a dozen tombs/sites to possibly see.)

Day 6

overnight at Old Winter Palace Hotel

  • Temple of Amun, Karnak (East Bank, 15 minutes north of Luxor)


Day 7

overnight at Old Winter Palace Hotel

  • Continue West Bank, including Deir al-Medina (Sennedjem)


Day 8

overnight at Nefertari Hotel Abu Simbel

  • Fly non-stop from Luxor to Abu Simbel

  • Visit Temple of Ramses II

  • Temple of Hathor Nefertari

Day 9

  • Fly from Abu Simbel to Cairo

  • Fly from Cairo to Tel Aviv