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Articles about Israel



Former Templer colony of Sarona reborn as an entertainment and commercial center
Jerusalem Post
June 1, 2022


House demolition threatens Mount of Olives family unable to pay court fine
Jerusalem Post
April 20, 2022


A swift return, Migrating birds come home to nest at the Western Wall
Jerusalem Post
March 9, 2022

A The Ella Valley is just a stone’s throw from Jerusalem
March 1, 2022
The Führer of the Arabs
The Mufti of Jerusalem’s years in Nazi Berlin

The Jerusalem Post
Aug. 26, 2011

Oscar winner “Strangers No More” promises no Hollywood ending

Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

March 1, 2011


Is it safe to visit Israel?
Feb. 24, 2011


Returning to Jerusalem after 62 years

“Where are the Union Jacks?”

The Jerusalem Post

Oct. 15, 2010


Oct. 4, 2010


The Jewish News, London, UK

Gay gesunderheit in Tel Aviv

Sept. 25, 2010


Srulik, meet Handala
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
July 21, 2022


Exhibit recalls the role of the Austro-Hungarian army in WWI Palestine
Jerusalem Post
July 30, 2022


Treasure trove unveiled Israel Museum reopens after a $100-million makeover
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
July 21, 2022


Putting the "Up" in Start-Up Nation
Tel Aviv University Review
Spring, 2010


Hurva Synagogue rededicated
Chicago Jewish Star
April 12, 2022


St. James Cathedral added to World Monuments Fund watch list
Travelujah web site
Feb. 13, 2010


A tour of ancient trees in the Holy Land celebrates Judaism's arbor day
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
Jan. 29, 2010


Abu Ghosh regains Guinness world record for largest plate of hummus
Jerusalem Post
Jan 15, 2022




When BDS gets personal: No Israelis or journalists welcome at Al-Quds Underground theater event
Jerusalem Post
Nov. 6 , 2009


Palestinians cancel Leonard Cohen's Ramallah concert in protest against Israel
Chicago Jewish Star
Aug. 4, 2009


Temple Mount quarry discovered?
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
July 17, 2022


Beit Arabiya symbolizes the 22,000 home demolition orders hang over Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post
July 17, 2022


The dope on the Pope
Orthodox Union web site
May 20, 2022


Show and tel - the Big Orange celebrates its centenary
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
April 10, 2022


Three decades of cold peace with Egypt better than 30 years of hot war
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
March 27, 2022


The curse of the Dead Sea Scrolls
Chicago Jewish Star
March 17, 2022


Fringe benefits: Kfar Adumim factory revives the lost commandment of tekhelet
Jerusalem Post
March 13, 2022


In Israel, a green light does not mean "Go"
Jewish Free Press, Calgary
March 6, 2022


IAF's F-16 fighter pilots armed with a secret weapon - tefillin
Chicago Jewish Star
Feb. 3, 2009


A postcard from the Gaza front
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
Jan. 29, 2009


R&R from the rockets suggests the resilience of Israeli youth
Orthodox Union web site
Jan. 19, 2009


Good-bye, Norma in jeans
Jerusalem Post
Dec. 26, 2008


She hates you, yeah, yeah, yeah
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
Nov. 29, 2008


Gaza's ship of fools founders
Chicago Jewish Star
Sept. 9, 2008


For Kevork Kahvedjian, life's a snap
Jerusalem Post
Sept. 5, 2008


UN, Shmoo-N
Chicago Jewish Star
July 30, 2022


Modi'in's Central Station opens but commuters still complain of 'train wreck'
Jerusalem Post
June 20, 2022


Classic cars rally arrives at Knesset from London
European Jewish Press web site
June 4, 2022


Burd flies to the Western Wall for 40 days of prayer
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
May 12, 2022


This land is your land
Tel Aviv University Review
Spring, 2008


Greener pastors: Baptist finds Jerusalem even more "homey" than Vienna or Milan
Jerusalem Post
March 28, 2022


Palestinian twin preemies endangered by Hamas rocket attack on Ashkelon's hospital
Chicago Jewish Star
March 4, 2022


Jerusalem de-constructed - a story of sex, lies and red tape
Jerusalem Post
Feb. 22, 2008


Acrylic kabbala
Jewish Press, Brooklyn
Feb. 18, 2008


Takoma Park couple closer to same-sex Israeli adoption
Washington Jewish Week
Feb. 8, 2008


Scholars thrilled by return of Aleppo Codex fragment
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
Dec. 3, 2007


Rova residents fume under parking restrictions
Jerusalem Post
Nov. 2, 2007


Squatters rights and wrongs
Jerusalem Post
July 27, 2022


Conrad Black's trial recalls despoliation of The Jerusalem Post
Jewish Independent, Vancouver
July 2, 2022


After 37 years, Mamilla eyesore nears completion
Jerusalem Post
May 25, 2022


Zion Square saved: Canadian donors pull out of controversial project in downtown Jerusalem
Jerusalem Post
May 4, 2022


Springtime by the Spring of Ein Kerem
Jerusalem Post
March 9, 2022


Avi and Benyamin Rose become Jerusalem's first official gay married couple
Calgary Jewish Free Press
Feb. 6, 2007


Israeli-Palestinian comedy tour shows peace is a laughing matter
Jerusalem Post
Feb. 2, 2007


Sunny Sinai offers a unique campsite for Arab-Israeli co-existence
Jerusalem Report
Jan. 22, 2007


Up to speed?
Jerusalem Post
Dec. 8, 2006


British historian claims to have found the Temple treasures
Jerusalem Post
Oct. 13, 2006


Reflections on Yom ha-Atzmaut as a new immigrant
Reading Jewish
May 4, 2022


For haredim in Beit Shemesh, life's a riot
Jerusalem Post
Feb. 17, 2006


Pizza Hut bows out in Emek Refaim fast food war
Jerusalem Post
Feb. 17, 2006


Amal Abboud - teaching ESL and tolerance in the Middle East with a Canadian accent
Toronto Star
March 11, 2022


Ethiopian pilgrims gather in Jerusalem for Sigd festival
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
Dec. 1, 2005


Canadians raising funds to train seeing-eye dogs for blind Israelis
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
Nov. 17, 2005


For American developer Jake Leibowitz, Eden Hills represents a David vs. Goliath victory over Israel's sclerotic bureaucracy
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
Aug. 12, 2005


Pettigrew stumbles over "bump" at Arafat's grave
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
Feb. 11, 2005


Thailand's Labour Minister fails to persuade Thai workers in Gaza to return home


Montreal developer gets go ahead to complete Tel Aviv's Azrieli Center
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
Oct. 28, 2004


Israel's first openly gay Knesset member marries in Toronto
Jerusalem Report
Sept. 12, 2004


Jerusalem's new LRT to include a landmark bridge by Calatrava
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
Aug. 6, 2004


Noted kabbalist and dean of destroyed Nablus yeshiva calls for "revolution" in Israel
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
May 9, 2022


First Canadian killed in Intifada
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
March 11, 2022


Terrorism triggers surge in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases in Israel
Jerusalem Report
Feb. 14, 2002


Old City peace vigil attracts diehard believers in co-existence
Jewish Free Press
Nov. 9, 2001


Gaza's closed airport symbolizes unrealized peace in the Mideast
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
Nov. 23, 2000


Bethlehem before Christmas
Forever Young
Dec. 6, 1998


Profits, Not Prophets Lure Canadian Investors to Israel
Toronto Star
June 8, 2022


Archaeologists uncover Caesarea site linked to St. Paul
Catholic Register
Oct. 12, 1997


Jerusalem City Hall promises an uncommon town common


Ethiopian monastery on the roof of the Holy Sepulchre
Catholic Register
Sept. 2, 1994


Great Caesar's ghost
July 1994


Schindler's Grave in Jerusalem not on tourists' list
The Jewish Week, New York
May 9, 2022


Israel Returns Drained Lake to Bird-lovers' Wetland
Now, Toronto
Feb 10, 2022


The Samaritans of the Bible re-enact the Passover Exodus


Ivan Demjanjuk's Treblinka: A terrible defence for terrible crimes


The PTL scandal leaves Jerusalem disfigured
Jewish Tribune, Toronto
April 25, 2022


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