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Supreme Court Orders NIS 100,000 Fine for Illegal Building

Olmert: Israel’s Trade With China Will Triple by 2010

Police Launch Criminal Probe Against Olmert on Bank Leumi Sale

Israel's Military Chief of Staff Dan Halutz Resigns

Last Resort?

Neturei Karta Head Returns from Iran 3 Weeks After Conference


Up to speed?

The lease of our problems

British historian claims to have found the Temple treasures

Reflections on Yom ha-Atzmaut as a new immigrant

For haredim in Beit Shemesh, life's a riot

Pizza Hut bows out in Emek Refaim fast food war

Acrylic kabbala

Amal Abboud – teaching ESL and tolerance
in the Middle East with a Canadian accent


Ethiopian pilgrims gather in Jerusalem for Sigd festival

Canadians raising funds to train seeing-eye dogs for blind Israelis

For American developer Jake Leibowitz, Eden Hills represents a David vs. Goliath victory over Israel’s sclerotic bureaucracy

Pettigrew stumbles over �bump� at Arafat�s grave


Israel ’s first openly gay Knesset member marries in Toronto

Montreal developer gets go ahead to complete Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Center

Jerusalem ’s new LRT to include a landmark bridge by Calatrava

Thailand's Labour Minister fails to persuade Thai workers in Gaza to return home


Noted kabbalist and dean of destroyed Nablus yeshiva calls for "revolution" in Israel

First Canadian killed in Intifada

Terrorism triggers surge in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder cases in Israel


Old City peace vigil attracts diehard believers in co-existence


Gaza's closed airport symbolizes unrealized peace in the Mideast


Bethlehem before Christmas

Profits, Not Prophets Lure Canadian Investors to Israel


Archaeologists uncover Caesarea site linked to St. Paul


Israel Returns Drained Lake to Bird-lovers' Wetland

Jerusalem City Hall promises an uncommon town common


Ethiopian monastery on the roof of the Holy Sepulchre

Great Caesar's ghost

Schindler's Grave in Jerusalem Not on Tourists' List


The Samaritans of the Bible re-enact the Passover Exodus


Ivan Demjanjuk�s Treblinka: A terrible defence for terrible crimes


The PTL scandal leaves Jerusalem disfigured